SoftAmbulance data recovery technology: Deep Search.

As you already know how works standard undelete software, let me explain how УDeep SearchФ can help you recover accidently deleted data that cannot be restored with other data recovery software.

First of all I need to say that УDeep SearchФ does not read so called Уtable of contentsФ at all. It acts as disk does not have Master File Table (MFT) or File Allocation Table (FAT) at all and reads whole disk from start to the last bit. УDeep searchФ knows many templates of different file types, so if it finds a piece of data that looks like one of templates, it begin to investigate this data more carefully trying to find and recover more parts of this file.

Secondly, as УDeep SearchУ knows how an undamaged file looks like it is able to recover available pieces of damaged file and reconstruct a new one. This method is could not help a lot of files, since they require absolutely undamaged file, but it is better to retype a couple of missed page instead of all report you have made whole week.