Recover your data using one of our software solution

Partition Doctor

Partition Doctor features guided step-by-step automated recovery process. Its able to recover hard drives, deleted files and folders, and recovery of data lost after a system accident. From undeleting files to repairing corrupt file system, Partition Doctor can do it all.
  • Program features:
  • Recovers data from damaged or deleted partitions
  • Damaged drive recovery
  • Fullsize preview before buy
  • Deleted file and folder recovery
  • Fullsize preview before buy

Photo Undelete

Offering advanced photo undelete capabilities, Photo Undelete is indispensable for any photographer. It helps digital shooters recover pictures and videos even from damaged and formatted hard drives, memory cards, and built-in memory of digital cameras.
  • Program features:
  • Recovers deleted images
  • Undeletes video
  • Repairs corrupted photos
  • RAW images recovery
  • Free fullsize preview


Uneraser makes it easy to undelete all kinds of files from all types of storage media. Uneraser can undelete files and folders, recover documents removed from the Recycle Bin, and recover files from damaged, formatted and inaccessible hard disks, USB
  • Program features:
  • Recovers accidently deleted files
  • Recovers data from severely damaged drives
  • Can preview recovered files
  • Supported FAT, NTFS HPS+ and EXT2/Ext3
  • Advanced search and recover algorithms

Email Recovery

Email Recovery is our top of the line product for recovering individual message and email databases for a variety of products. It is able to locate missing email databases stored on damaged or formatted hard drives. Email Recovery will automatically repair any email database.
  • Program features:
  • Fixes corrupted email databases
  • Undeletes lost messages
  • Recovers attachments
  • Restores contacts
  • Supported MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Vista Mail, Live Mail, Thunderbird, The Bat!

Outlook Recovery

Outlook Recovery makes it easy to recover Microsoft Outlook databases while fixing the damage when required. It'll locate, recover and repair corrupted Outlook databases completely automatically. Outlook Recovery recovers all email messages, attachme
  • Program features:
  • Repairs corrupted Outlook databases
  • Undeletes accidentally deleted messages
  • Recovers data from corrupt disks
  • Recovers email attachments
  • Pre-Recovery Preview

Live Mail Recovery

Live Mail Recovery offers automatic recovery of Outlook Express, Vista Mail and Live Mail databases. It is able to automatically locate and repair mail databases stored on any storage media. Outlook Express Recovery recovers messages with attachments completely automatically.
  • Program features:
  • Fixes damaged DBX files
  • Restores deleted messages
  • Solves 2 Gb problem with *.DBX files
  • Recovers from corrupt of formatted drive
  • Pre-recovery preview of messages and attachments

EFS Recovery

EFS Recovery recovers encrypted files and folders from EFS partitions quickly and easily. Automated Encrypted File System recovery is now possible on any PC running any version of Windows. EFS Recovery does not compromise security of protected information it recovers.
  • Program features:
  • Access files and folders stored on Encrypted File System(EFS) partition
  • Recovers encrypted data from damaged disks
  • Access encrypted data with correct user password or backup certificate.
  • Preview of recovered files before buy
  • Automated recovery mode

Office Recovery

Recover latest versions of deleted documents even after a hard drive failure. Unlike general-use undelete and data recovery tools, SoftAmbulance Office Recovery benefits from being designed to handle documents stored in Microsoft Office format.
  • Program features:
  • Recovers any MS Office file
  • Restores Corel Office Suite files
  • Supports Apache Open Office and Sun Star Office
  • Recovers data even from damaged or corrupt disks
  • Preview before buy

MS-SQL Recovery

Using SoftAmbulance' solution, MS SQL recovery is possible, even from databases stored on disks which are formatted, repartitioned or corrupted. Different modes include an automatic mode, a semi-automatic mode and a manual mode are also included.
  • Program features:
  • Recovers MS SQL databases
  • Able to scan corrupt or formatted drives
  • Auto and manual SQL table reconstruct modes
  • Preview of recovered data
  • BLOB preview

MySQL Recovery

Restore deleted and corrupted database with MySQL Recovery. Full auto mode recovers deleted and removed from the Recycle Bin. Manual mode restores damaged and partial database in MyISAM and InnoDB formats from corrupted, formatted disks. Multiple export modes.
  • Program features:
  • Recovers MySQL databases
  • Scans formatted or damaged disks
  • Automated and manual reconsrtuct modes
  • Preview of recovered data
  • BLOB preview


  • I just wanted to thank you guys. Somehow the partition table lost its mind and I lost 10 years worth data. I went as far as replacing the PCB on the HD and your product is recovering the rest. Thanks again!

    Alex Wolf
  • Your product recovered 250 images and only a couple were irrevocably damaged - I am quite happy thanks

    Robert Hartcher
  • Thanks a lot. Finally able to retrieve most of the pictures. It is a great program and highly recommendable. Thanks again.

    George Chua