Photo Undelete

Offering advanced photo recovery capabilities combined with a straightforward step-by-step user interface, Photo Undelete is indispensable for any photographer. It helps digital shooters recover pictures and videos even from damaged and formatted hard drives, memory cards, and built-in memory of most digital cameras. Sophisticated file recovery and automatic image repair algorithms allow even the least experienced computer users achieve professional results. SoftAmbulance Photo Undelete supports all popular image formats, and can recover RAW files produced by most SLRs.

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Virtual Disk Images

almost all our products can create and use virtual disks. It lets you make an exact copy of a “dying” disk on a safe carrier and then work with it. After scanning for 2 or 3 times, a damaged disk can crash down, and then you'll have to use hardware data recovery methods, that costs much more and involves experts and specially equipped labs.

Formatted disk recovery

after re-partitioning your drive all data is deleted as the whole structure of a file system is deleted, and all files stored on this drive become trash that no one can get a control of. We can!


this feature is available in all our software products. It allows you to recover data even from almost “dead” disk. If your hard drive still spins and can be detected by operating system, our software can read and detect even totally unstructured data.

Video Recovery

allows you to locate and recover video files. Includes a simple file search and an advanced recovering algorithm based on video files signatures.(such method is described Wikipedia as File Carving).


usually when you need to recover data, its size appears to be so big that can't be stored on the same computer. So we suggest alternative ways for saving data being restored: to burn it to CD or DVD, to download it to FTP or to use as a virtual disk.


our products support NTFS till the last bit from version 1.2 and higher. Such a strong integration guaranties the best possible recovery results because we use all the advantages of NTFS v.3.0 and 3.1 that provide reliability and security, making them work for your welfare.


the backbone of all SoftAmbulance products. Searches and restores deleted files within a file system. It works very precisely that results into high quality of restored files. Indispensable when it comes to data loss, very aggressive viruses action, childish pranks or your competitors operation.


reads and restores FAT file system. It's used in memory cards, mobile devices, players and computers. Despite being far from perfection and pretty old FAT is still popular and will remain being used for at least 5 years. VFAT, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 are supported.

Digital camera recovery

many of the digital cameras cannot be connected to your computer as an external drive or USB Flash, they are synchronized and operated via TWAIN interface. That's why an ordinary Uneraser can't scan and restore data from Canon cameras, for instance. Our technology resolves this problem successfully.


All, who are keen on digital photography and have a DSLR camera are familiar with this file format. It provides the best possible image quality while both taking a pic and saving it. But it is extremely difficult to recover, because RAW formats are very different within one file type name. Moreover, RAW is actually a copy of image sensor state, and image sensors are unique, so there are no two identical RAW files. With the help of our revolutionary technology, that we are very proud of and scarcely have no competitors, we can identify and recover any RAW file.

Power search

this is our patented technology designed to read unstructured data from a disk with the following detection of certain file types. At present more than 150 of various file formats are supported. We try to cover different needs from multimedia to office file types, including very specific 3DStudio Max, CAD|CAM and many others. Moreover, their number increases continually, and we try to meet our customers' requirements with adding new file formats being supported.


all our products are designed to be integrated with various devices, that can be installed in PC and connected to it via different ports and interfaces. Practically all devices are supported: from memory cards and USB flash to external HDD and TWAIN digital cameras.


as opposed to the majority of data recovery software on the market, our products make it possible to preview restored files before you purchase a product and save a recovered result. Thus you avoid buying pig in a poke, but have an opportunity to check if it's exactly the “pig” you need!


we use advanced know-how for recovery from SSD disks. Including and not limited to SSDs, Hybrid HDDs, memory cards and USB-flash


Photo Undelete inherits necessary algorithms to search and rescue digital images from RAID disks from our advanced products.

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