Support service questions

Question: I've sent you a message, how long does it take to get a reply?

Answer: All our messages are answered during couple hours.

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Question: What's the difference between priority support and regular support?

Answer: Priority support guarantees you that your problems will be resolved by our support team with higher priority, including develop of special builds if needed. While basic support service is free, priority support can be purchased for selected period starting from $39.95 for a year.

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Question: How to order the Priority Support? It is not available in your product list?

Answer: The priority support can be purchased with order for the product, make sure the optional priority support is selected when you place the order as shown below:

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Question: Is there any phone number to call you?

Answer: Sorry, but we do not offer phone support. Please contact us by email.

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Question: What should I include in my message when I'll contact your support service with a question?

Answer: Describe everything you can tell us about your situation. What's the type of the device you're trying to scan, what's the file system is used (or was used before format you're trying to return). What is your problem with the drive? What is the type of your files, what is the maximum file size? If there was any error message displayed by the product, we need the exact text of it. And how did you try to use our product? If it is possible, please follow your steps one more time and make the screenshots of each step and send us. And we also need a log from DXDIAG. Open the Start menu, click Run, type here “DXDIAG” without quotes and press enter, select to save all the found information and add to your message the saved information file.

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Question: How to make a screenshot?

Answer: Screenshot is a copy of the screen, and it's necessary in several cases. With screenshot we can find more details about your situation that will help us resolve your problem in less time. To make the screenshot, click the Print Screen button near Scroll Lock and F12 on your keyboard:

After this you will need to open MS Paint or MS Word or any other application that can accept graphics data from the clipboard. Perform Edit-Paste and save the file. Now all you need is to send this file to us by email.

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