Possible problems on deleted file recovery

Question: I've started the scan but after some time stops responding.

Answer: Please wait for few hours, if there will be no progress, stop the scan, enlarge your swap file to 4 GB and try again. If this will not help too, you should map virtual partition over the drive you're trying to scan, and it should be smaller than it's initial size to reduce the amount of work. Scan of virtual partition may also freeze, in this case you will need to reduce it's size. After you find the size of virtual partition that allows the product to scan it, you should know that the area behind the end of virtual partition has some problems, and when you will map another partition to scan the rest of the drive, do not include next several percents of sectors after end of the initial virtual partition you've mapped.

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Question: How can I enlarge my swap file to 4 GB.

Answer: Swap file allows the PC to use more memory than it has physically by using some space of the hard drive. It may be possible that our product will require more memory than installed in your PC with swap file settings selected by default. If you don't sure how to change swap file size, open the google.com, try your OS version and swap file change, for example «Windows XP change swap file size» and you will see many available tutorials.

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Question: I've found my files, but I can't open them — the program says that the format is incorrect, or the recovered files are damaged, or I just can't find them after I've done all your advices above.

Answer: While our product recovers the files using file system, it also scans the drive surface for the known file formats. Currently we support more than 200 file formats for surface scanning. And if you can't find or can't open the file placed in original folder with original name, it's possible that the damaged file system was not recovered correctly, and the files became recovered with garbage inside. In all these cases you need to check virtual folder Recovered Files that you can see within our product when scan is completed. This folder contains files without original names and folders sorted by type, as they've been found by direct surface scan. Often such files are recovered with better results, as the files out of native format will just not be found and placed in this folder.

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