Outlook Recovery: General Questions

Question: Outlook Recovery freezes during scan.

Answer: There are several possible reasons why may freeze during scan process. If you're running our of memory, it may be useful to increase swap file size above 4 GB and fix it on selected value. If you're scanning the drive attached via USB adapter, try to connect it to the motherboard directly, this may increase both speed and scan accuracy. If you're scanning not very large device, you can try to image it to other device and avoid any possible physical problems in your source drive, especially for memory cards and USB Flash Drives. Right-click to the source drive, select Create Recovery Shapshot and specify to save it on your local hard drive, then in the same way mount it and try to scan as usual drive. If this will not help, please contact our support service.

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Question: How can I change my swap file configuration?

Answer: If you don't know how to change swap file configuration in your operating system, you can refer to our instruction or Windows help system. You also can open your browser and type google.com, and then ask it “How to change swap file settings in Windows Vista” or “How to change swap file settings in Windows 7” (as example of search requests).

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Question: While everything seems fine with my messages, but I can't open the attachments — the program says that the format is incorrect, or the recovered files are damaged.

Answer: If you can't open the recovered attachments, please try SoftAmbulance Uneraseror SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor. While these product recovers the files using file system, they also scans the drive surface for the known file formats. Our preview system supports more than 200 file formats for direct detection from surface scan. You also will need to check virtual folder Recovered Files that appears in our product when the scan is completed. The folder Recovered Files collects the files without original names and folder sorted by type, found by direct surface scan.

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