Photo Undelete troubleshooting

Question: Photo Undelete stops responding in the middle of the scan.

Answer: If you think the Photo Undelete is stopped, let it run for few extra hours. If you will not see any change, stop the scan. First your step should be to enlarge your swap file to 4 GB. It's also necessary in such cases to connect the drive to the motherboard by SATA or ATA with no any USB adapters. If you're scanning flash memory card or USB Flash Drive, you can make the image of the drive you're scanning to reduce the amount of read operations, as it's a possible problem. Right-click to the drive in drive list and select "Create Recovery Snapshot", then with another Right-click you can mount the recovery snapshot and scan it as usual drive. If your problem is still not resolved, please contact our support service.

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Question: How can I increase my swap file size?

Answer: If you need to increase your virtual memory and don't know how to do that, please use this instruction to check or set swap file in your Windows system. Also you can refer to Windows help system or just open a browser, type and enter the question about how to enlarge swap file for Windows XP or for Windows Vista, depending on your operating system.

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Question: Scanning with Recovery Snapshot for better recovery results.

Answer: It's a common problem when the broken drive fails to perform recent read operations, so with recovery snapshot you can heavily reduce the amount of read operations. The drive is read as a single file, which is stored on another drive, and the following recovery procedure is performing from that file. Right-click to the drive you need to scan and select the option as shown on the screenshot below. Please note that you will need enough free space to fit the whole drive you're trying to scan.

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Question: What's the difference between Full Scan and Fast Scan?

Answer: In Fast Scan mode Photo Undelete scans the file structure for the deleted and lost files. This is complex solution, but not complete, as many pictures and videos may be even not listed in file system anymore, so it's possible to find them only in deep surface scan which is performed in Full Scan mode. This mode is slower, but gives you better results and we recommend it all cases except when you're very limited in time.

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