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First aid for possible problems

Question: What should I do if Email Recovery stops responding?

Answer: If you've found that Email Recovery is not responding, first you need to wait for few hours. If there will be no any progress, you can close the product or kill the process, and then you will need to enlarge your swap file to 4 or 6 GB to avoid running out of memory problems. If you're scanning the drive connected by USB adapter, please connect the drive to the motherboard directly. If you can create the image of the whole drive and store it on another drive in your system, this also may help. Right-click to the drive and select Create Recovery Snapshot, and in the same way you can add the Recovery snapshot to your system and scan it as a drive. This will reduce the amount of read requests from source drive by having the whole drive cached on another one. If all these steps will not help you, please contact our support service.

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Question: Where can I change my swap file settings?

Answer: You can refer to help system of your OS about the way to change swap file settings, or you can just open and type “How to change swap file settings in Windows XP” for example.

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Question: I've found my messages, but I can't open the attachments — the program says that the format is incorrect, or the recovered files are damaged.

Answer: If you have such problems with attachments, please try SoftAmbulance Uneraseror SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor. While these product recovers the files using file system, they also scans the drive surface for the known file formats. Currently we supports more than 200 file formats for surface scanning. You will need to check virtual folder Recovered Files that you can see within our product when scan is completed. This folder contains files without original names and folder sorted by type, as they've been found by direct surface scan.

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