Common customer questions about our products and order options

Question:Does this product have an expiration date?

No. And we don't plan to limit our customers in any way in the future. However we have to change our registration keys from time to time because of piracy and technological reasons. Any existing customer will receive replacement for outdated key ASAP.

Question:Will it retrieve files from SD, flash, and other type drives?

Partition, Ntfs, Efs Recovery are working with all disk kinds except optic disks like CD\DVD. Memory cards, USB flash, SSD are supported. Actually it is a filesystem matter not device. We can recover from any device that has compatible file system.

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Question:can i scan and use this on an external drive as well?

My apologies, you can not use our software installed on removable media on multiple PCs, as registration binds software to the system where it was registered. You can install and register our products to the removable media and use it, however connecting flash disk to another PC will result in running unregistered version. This is a limitation of our registration system and can not be changed to get a portable version.


Question:​Does it come on a CD, or thumb drive(preferably CD)?

Yes, you can add CD delivery to your order with extra $10. Thumb drive option is not available. 

Question:​Do you accept PayPal?,... or if not what type of payment??

Yes, we accept PayPal. There are also multiple payment types available including but not limited credit cards, wire transfer, purchase order, phone and fax orders. etc.

Sincerely yours, SoftAmbulance team.