Paul Roskos wrote:

I do have a questions about the Outlook Recovery product. My hobby is building and repairing PCs for friends and family. It is not a business just a hobby.

Often people need to have their Outlook emails and contacts recovered from a system drive that won't boot but is still readable using another computer. They want me to recover their emails and contacts. The files are usually not damaged but Outlook can't be started on the failed drive.

I purchased your product to recover the Outlook data from the damaged drive. So did I purchase the correct product?

Thanks for your help!

Paul Roskos

We respond:

Dear Paul Roskos,

You have correct product for your task.

Please use "Recover email after a disk crash" option to recover data at case disk damage, format or *.pst deletion.

And use "Repair email database" to check *.pst integrity, recover deleted-in-database messages, and *.pst splitting(just make 2 data saves with half of the messages selected)

Write us for hard cases, We'll do our best to help you.

Best regards and success in your hobby!