Will SoftAmbulance recover my data?

Support request:

Will SoftAmbulance recover the partition information so that the drive can be read and accessed again normally or will it just come back with a list of files found with arbitrary names that i wont recognize and be of very little use like some other programs out there?

Our answer was following:

We offer software to recover data only, it is highly advised that you restore all your data and then format(not quick!) your HDD to fix any file system issues. Actually this is the only effective method fixing broken file systems. Formatting a disk also checks and drop out of usage bad blocks, that can cause further problems.

Our data recovery software can scan file system and whole HDD for lost data. If we can recover file system data, we display it same way you see it in Explorer. With one difference: all files and folders shown there are result of our own scan and interpretation. Another scan is launched if you open "Recovered Files" virtual folder. This folder will contain scan results of our Power Search technology. It is unable to recover most of file names and all the folders as it searches for valid file data completely ignoring file system. "Recovered Files" virtual folder is intended to use mostly as a "last hope solution". Indeed it is hard to navigate but it could be still very usable if you can use diligent approach.

We strongly recommend to look at the other folders first. Files and folders shown there are found from all the file system data plus we place files there that can be recognized and sorted by Power Search.

As to further usage and quality of recovered data: we have spent almost three years to add as much file formats in as possible in our preview feature. All files displayed in preview panel are fully supported by software where they were created. This allows our customers to actually see recovered data and make absolutely sure it is live and sound or corrupt and useless before making actual purchase.

Sincerely yours, SoftAmbulance team