Hard Drive recovery with Partition Doctor

Can't you access partition? Did you accidentally delete a file or folder, or formatted a hard disk by mistake? Did your hard drive crash so badly you cannot access it anymore? Was your file system or partition table messed up by a virus or hardware failure? Look no further! SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor will recover your hard drive, recover partition tables and boot records, restore corrupted file and repair directory structure completely automatically.

ScanDisk will not help you

Windows has a built-in tool to check and fix corrupt hard drives, and possibly restore access to damaged disks. But it's no doubt it will fix everything by cutting everything suspicious. The built-in error-checking utility can help in simple cases (or if you don't need to recover any data), but cannot help if something more severe than an unscheduled computer restart has happened. It was never designed to recover severely damaged hard drives and re-create lost directory structures after formatting a disk neither recover partitions.

How it works

SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor is designed to carefully recover as much data as possible from seriously corrupted partitions and hard drives in dangerous conditions without requiring any specific knowledge from the user. A simple wizard will guide you through entire process of saving your work by automatically scanning your hard drives for lost or corrupted partitions, re-creating file and directory structures, and finally letting you select file and folders to recover.

Deep Search

To ensure highest levels of safety while working with already damaged disks and file systems, SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor uses low-level sector scan. As an extra security step, SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor can create a virtual image of a hard drive being recovered, and only access the image instead of working directly with the corrupted disk. These precautions ensure highest levels of safety to your important information. All of this makes Partition Doctor a professional grade partition recovery software, yet simple enough to be used by inexperienced users.

Fullsize preview of recovered data

Make sure that SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor is able to do what we claim! Download your own copy, run a disk scan and preview all recoverable file without saving them onto the damaged disk! Deleted file can overlap, causing corrupted file worth hours of work. SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor makes it easy to choose just the right file by offering pre-recovery preview even in its free edition.

Supported data types

Partition Doctor can automatically recovers partition tables, recover your hard drive, fix and restore file, folder, partition and system structures such as NTFS, NTFS4, NTFS5, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, MFT and MBR. It can preview various documents, images, video, audio, email databases, CAD\CAM projects, 3ds Max, Lightwave, different Corel files, etc. Preview supports about 150 different file formats and we add more.


SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor requires about 30 megabytes to install and is compatible with Microsoft Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, and Windows® 2003, 2008, 2012 Server. Also you'll need a free space to save recovered data.