Decrypt and restore encrypted data

EFS Recovery decrypts and restores data protected with EFS. It works effectively with safe or corrupted NTFS formatted hard disks and RAID arrays. Sometimes you need to move your hard disk, containing encrypted files to another computer still having an access to them – no problem! Just enter your Windows account password to get an instant access! You've just accidentally deleted protected files or folders, or worse: you've formatted a partition or faced a disaster – hard disk failure, don't panic! EFS Recovery is by your side to get all your encrypted data back pretty painlessly and quickly.

Restore encrypted data with your Windows account

Fully automated Encrypted File System recovery procedure can be executed on any PC regardless of the Windows version currently running. EFS Recovery will search, locate and restore protected files and folders even if you've upgraded or reinstalled Windows, or you're trying to get an access to encrypted data from different computer or user account. Anyway, if you still remember your Windows account password, select a disk or partition with the files to be recovered and get an access to all desirable data.

Supported encryption types

EFS Recovery is designed to cope with protected data stored on EFS disks from all Windows versions, supporting AES, DESX, 3DES encryption types. You can even create encrypted files in higher Windows version, then remove it to a PC with previous version still having access to protected data.

Supported storage media

Your hard disk isn't the only media that EFS Recovery can deal with. Healthy and damaged HDDs, SSDs, flash memory cards along with RAID arrays and Dymamic Disks of all imaginable configurations aren't an obstacle for EFS Recovery. It's not even necessary to have a dedicated Raid controller being installed. Moreover, this piece of software is able to reconstruct a damaged array if necessary.

Advanced recovery algorithms

EFS Recovery comprises all the features of our line-up of recovery products, including sophisticated search algorithms, and preview function, allowing you to make sure, you'll recover exactly what you need, diminishing the danger of misunderstandings. Our revolutionary search technology will locate a target file even if it's not represented in a file system any longer. With more than 200 file types support EFS Recovery provides an uncompromising location of the exact beginnings and ends of the target files with future restorations. Pre-recovery preview displays the content of the target files in a real-time mode, even from compressed archives.

System requirements

EFS Recovery supports Bitlocker/NTFS/EFS partitions created under Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, 2003 Server, 2008 Server, 2012 Server. Standard Windows PC plus free space for recovered files. Please note: it is impossible to save recovered files on the same disk you are covering from.