Password protected recovery

Please note:

SoftAmbulance don't want anything to do with password cracking or data hacking. We understand that it could be respectable business based on plausible pretext, but we still don't favor it. Therefore we implemented minimum password hijacking in our products.

This is a set of two different features:

  • First is used in EFS Recovery and ables to recognize and recover encrypted data without actually decipher it. This ensures that private data will be kept in secret from anyone except owner. Trying to open file or access encrypted folder will cause password prompt dialog, where you'll need to enter original Windows user's password in order to gain access.

  • EFS Recovery download EFS Recovery

  • Another one belongs to our Outlook recovery tools and it allows to gains access to password protected PST file. Actually PST file is neither encrypted nor password protected. The password is set only in current Outlook account, thus simple import "password protected" PST file to another PC with different Outlook account will open it without a question.

  • This type of sensitive data recovery is implemented in:

    Email Recovery download Email Recovery

    Outlook Recovery download Outlook Recovery