MFT? - Master File Table!

In NTFS filesystem, everything that has anything to do with a file and every of it's attributes is a metadata. This metadata is stored in MFT (Master File Table) two system files (one of them is a back up copy) that user should not see neither open. Every record in MFT contains all the information about a file. File's name, attributes, it's size and address on the disk everything is stored there.

To find out where file is we use MFT, the same way as Windows does. With a little difference. Windows NTFS driver reads and interpreter MFT structures of existing files only. But SoftAmbulance data recovery has developed own technology to do the same plus we show deleted files. The reason to it is that every deleted file is not really deleted. It's record in MFT is getting new property "deleted". So when you will need a space to write something on your disk, Windows NTFS driver will search MFT for empty space, and then, if it has not found, search for files marked deleted, to overwrite them with new data.

SoftAmbulance's data recovery software products use special algorithms to determine MFT structures on the disk and extract from these pieces valuable information about files. So if the disk is corrupted, and Windows NTFS driver can not find MFT structures, we can!