Common drive problems

Question: My disk is not available to scan in your software.

Answer: If you need to scan the disk with Live Mail Recovery, the drive must be available in My Computer as a disk with assigned drive letter. For hard disks it's not necessary and means that there is no partitions available to scan, but you still can scan the physical drive, for that the hard disk must be seen in BIOS and Drive Management screen. If your disk does not made to work as a drive with assigned drive letter, you should try to extract the storage from the device and connect to the PC directly, for example, with SATA or ATA for hard disks and card readers for memory cards. If your HDD is not visible neither in BIOS, nor in Drive Management, or it's available but with incorrect sizes, check it's jumper configuration or try to scan with low-level disk tools before to use data recovery software.

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Question: I want to scan my local partitions but it's not available in your product, but I can see the physical drive.

Answer: When there is no partition available for scan, use Recover email after disk crash and try to scan the whole physical disk. If this will not help, please try to scan your drive and recover your email database files with SoftmAmbulance Uneraser or SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor programs.

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Question: After scan is completed, I can't find some messages. How can I recover them?

Answer: If you've performed Repair damaged database, please try Recover emails after a disk crash, and the program will be able to collect all the possible information about your messages and attachments. If you've tried Fast Scan, try to use the Full Scan mode. If these steps didn't help, and your messages are still not found, you can try Uneraser or Photo Undelete products to find and recover email databases or single attachments. Photo Undelete product also may help for picture and video attachments, Photo Undelete has improved algorithms for the stated file types, and should recover more image and video files than other products in some cases.

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Question: Is it possible to recover emails stored on RAID drive?

Answer: Yes, it's possible with our software, but with few limitations:

1. If you can access your RAID with My Computer, just use Repair damaged database mode like on usual disk;

2. If you can't access your RAID with My Computer, Live Mail Recovery may help you if your RAID is level 1. Try to scan each disk from your RAID separately as physical drive and recover the messages.

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