Digital image recovery software

Photos and images are very sensitive data and may disappear or being lost due to variety of reasons. Images can easily disappear from your camera or from your local computer as well. Many falsely consider that it is impossible to get back all these files and images. As a matter of fact, there is very easy to use solution of this problem – digital image recovery software. SoftAmbulance is ready to provide you with powerful digital photo recovery software with easy-to-use wizard-style interface.

Whether you have not accidentally erased images from your camera memory card, but your playback display states blandly “no images" or if you have erased the images from your memory card, the images have not actually been deleted. All you precious pictures are still there but your camera will simply not display them. With SoftAmbulance digital image recovery it is possible and not a problem to undelete your photos if you have our image recovery software at hand.

Digital image recovery from your camera can be done if you connect your camera to the computer as you would for uploading images from your memory card. Our sophisticated digital image recovery software will find all your lost or disappeared files in no time. Actually image file loss can happen not only on your camera, but on your computer as well. Nevertheless, our image recovery software will work perfectly whatever the drive is.

Digital photo recovery software from SoftAmbulance recovers images from hard drives, external drives, mp3 players, cameras and various flash memory devices. If you have lost your photos on you digital camera, with SoftAmbulance you have nothing to worry about as with the help of our digital photo recovery software you will easily and in no time recover all you lost files even if you are not an advanced computer user.