File and data recovery

File and data recovery is a process of extracting data from damaged, corrupted or failed storage media when it cannot be accessed normally. There is a comprehensive range of failures that can cause data damaging: you can accidentally delete files and folders or format a hard disk. Or your antivirus system is outdated and your data was affected by virus intrusion. You might also had a hard drive crash and after that you cannot access your data. Important files also can be lost by empting the recycle bin or using applications that delete files without the recycle bin.

File and data recovery procedures involve multiple techniques. Almost all of them are complicated and multi-step, that's why they shouldn't be attempted by inexperienced users. SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor is the best file recovery software product specially developed for easy file recovery and is used to rescue as much files as possible from damaged file systems and hard drives. It important to point out that this easy file and data recovery program doesn't require any specific knowledge and skills from user, so don't worry that you will meet difficulties using it.

Windows operation system has built-in error-checking tool that in some cases can conduct file restore and recover access to damaged disk. But, for example, when file is deleted from the recycle bin it can no longer be recovered by the Windows operation system. The content of the file still remains on the hard drive, until this section of a drive it occupies is overwritten by another file. Our best file recovery software identifies the content of these lost files on the hard drive and allows you to recover them. file and data recovery system is trying to reconstruct as much files as possible in absolutely automatic mode.

Our best file recovery system allows you to make easy file recovery of critically important documents or other files which have been lost by accidental or intentional deletion. Moreover, our best file recovery software supports all Windows versions and restores almost all file system structures. So if you are looking for reliable and affordable software for hard disk data recovery, you've probably come to the right place.