Recover damaged photos

Digital technologies have brought the renaissance to photography. Digital cameras make it much easier to “catch" the most sudden picture of nature or your child's first steps. These images are priceless as they contain memories that will never repeat again. The work of several years may disappear in seconds if you lose digital images stored on your hard drive or digital camera flash drive. But such things happen rather frequently and nobody is guaranteed against the loss and you don't have to panic as there is always a solution in any situation. SoftAmbulanse is ready to provide you with powerful software to recover deleted pictures or recover damaged photos in a very convenient way.

Most digital camera users at least once in their life have come across the question “How do I retrieve deleted photos?" SoftAmbulance is here to provide you with an easy and clear answer to this question as we offer our clients the best-quality software to recover damaged photos, videos and pictures from their digital cameras.

But before starting to recover lost pictures you need to know what happens to data when you can't see it on your flash or hard drive. Actually, unless your hard drive is physically damaged or overwritten, your data is still there: the path to data has simply been lost.

If you rest assured that you haven't deleted your photos from your computer, yet you can't find it, it is time to use software to recover deleted pictures from SoftAmbulance. With the help of our photo recovery software you will be able to undelete lost pictures, lost videos and raw photos such as CRW, CR2, RAW, TIFF, etc. Also our software to recover deleted pictures has very user friendly and easy-to-use interface so that you never need any additional knowledge and skills to recover lost pictures.