Smile on your photos!

In movies when the hero has amnesia after the disease he usually starts new and better life. But what would you do if your HDD, digital camera or flash card “fell ill” with memory loss?

For example, you’ve accidentally deleted photos from your camera or camcorder. Or the flash memory has got re-formatted. Or else the battery inappropriately turned off corrupting some of your snapshots. It seems you’ll never have a look at those marvellous photos, won’t proudly demonstrate brand new snapshots to your friends and colleagues.

Don’t hurry to get upset, the pictures aren’t lost yet! There are plenty of tools that could easily recover your damaged images.

One of them is Softambulance Photo Undelete that is a powerful and highly specialized tool with easy-to-use interface. You don’t have to read boring thick books to get special computer knowledge any more! The built-in wizard will help you to cope with your lost data in fully automatic mode. Smart software deeply scans the corrupted media, searches for the smallest pieces of your lost pictures and glues them together like a puzzle.

Download ~1.5 Mb of photo recovery software on Make sure that free full screen preview allows you to pay nothing until you see the recovered files! So what you see is what you get!

Softambulance Photo Undelete is able to access directly to memory of all external digital devices. It works with TWAIN digital cameras, hard drives, flash memory drives, memory cards available on the market. The unique Image recovery algorithm allows your JPEG, RAW, GIF, TIFF, PNG and other formats to be successfully restored.

The program will be useful to both professional and enthusiastic photographers as it effectively recovers JPEG and RAW files and works with large volumes of graphic data.

Get the full version for only $44,99.

Any additional questions? Do not hesitate to contact our support team. The professional technical support is always ready to help you.

So smile on your photos, you will never ever lost them!


SoftAmbulance Photo Undelete is a efficient data recovery tool for the rest of us. Deleted photos, corrupted images, formatted memory cards and broken file systems no longer a problem!