Recover deleted files

Electronic data is a very fragile and fickle thing that often is under a threat because of our carelessness. We move, copy, email, rename and edit it to mention just a few manipulations possible and we realize how fragile files can be when until we suddenly find them gone. Accidental file deletion is a common practice among PC users and cause hours of frustration and panic. However, recovery of deleted files is always possible and easy with SoftAmbulance and our deleted files recovery software.

When you accidentally or even deliberately delete a file containing important information and then realize your horrible mistake, it is not a time for panic yet. First try to find your deleted files by a search option on a Windows system as you probably moved it accidentally. If the file is not found on your computer, you should search for it in your recycle bin. But if you had cleaned the content of the bin immediately and don't know how to recover deleted files, there is no other way to undelete them than to use reliable recovery of deleted files software.

You see, the data stored on your computer is not removed completely from HDD when you delete a file. You can't get the deleted file as the computer no longer has a reference to this file any more. The operating system has no pointer to the data and so it becomes invisible to the user and system. The lost data and files are stored on the free space of a hard disk up to that time they are overwritten by the computer when it needs more space for other files. So if you won't wait too long after losing your valuable files, it is possible to recover deleted files and get your data back with the help of our deleted files recovery software.

Deleted files recovery software from SoftAmbulance has the capability of finding your lost data by scanning the hard disks "free space" and being able to identify the file even without a reference from Windows. Our software is very user-friendly and so even a not highly qualified user can successfully cope with deleted files recovery. You don't have to know how to recover deleted files, our deleted files recovery software with outstanding power, speed, reliability and performance will do everything for you!